To extensively exchange the valuable experience various Asian countries and regions have accumulated in townscape construction, energetically popularize the important achievements various parts of Asia have made in urban construction, and commend the cities, people, events and projects which have made positive achievements in such aspects as the harmonious coexistence with the nature, the construction of habitats and the inheritance of history and culture and which have exerted a positive, obvious and far-reaching influence in the construction of sustainable development, and which can play the role of model and promoter in Asia and the world at large, such international organizations as UNHabitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and Asian Habitat Society jointly set up Asian Townscape Awards in 2010, aiming to set up a mechanism of exchange and reward, and promote various Asian countries and regions to actively create a desirable urban space, mould beautiful landscapes and display urban characteristics, and co-build our desirable life space---Green Asia.
UNHabitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Asian Habitat Society
The Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Centre Asia Townscape Design Society